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Carrera Glasses


Carrera glasses are the product of over 60 years knowledge and experience in the eyewear industry. Carrera was founded 1956 and started out producing sports eyewear. It takes its name from the Carrera Panamericana race, whose risk and boundary-pushing nature inspire Carrera’s constant pursuit of excellence.


Is Carrera a good glasses brand?

Carrera glasses have been innovative right from the start. In the 60s, founder Wilhelm Anger patented a new type of plastic that was lighter and more durable than the acetate of the time. This new material gave Carrera glasses a more comfortable fit, and ever since, Carrera has continued to develop its frames to ensure the highest standards.


For Carrera, functionality and performance are of the utmost importance, but style is also a major part of Carrera glasses’ appeal. Round or square, full rim or rimless, Carrera frames add a touch of class to any look.


Is Carrera brand Italian?

Although it was founded in Austria, Carrera is considered an Italian brand and is now based in Padova, Italy. Carrera glasses combine meticulous Italian craftsmanship with pioneering design and eye-catching style.


Carrera glasses have been a firm favourite of Formula 1 champions and airline pilots for decades, which is a real testament to their quality. Film and tv stylists have chosen Carrera frames for some of the most iconic characters of all time, adding greatly to their mystique.


The sporting origins of Carrera eyewear created a blueprint for sturdy, reliable frames, making for a seamless transition into prescription glasses. You can adapt Carrera eyeglasses to suit your vision and lifestyle needs by adding blue-light blocking or Transitions® lenses.


At SmartBuyGlasses Canada, you can browse our vast selection of Carrera eyeglasses to find the pair that matches your style. We offer a range of lens customisation options, including thickness and coatings, so you can choose what’s best for you.