Type of Lenses

At SmartBuyGlasses, we offer different lens types: progressive, single vision and multifocal lenses. Additionally, we also offer special lenses which include digital blue block lenses, prescription sunglass lenses, and plano (non-prescription) lenses. Your type of vision problem will determine the prescription lenses type you will need.

Types of Prescription Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

These feature a single prescription, which covers the entire lens and are useful for correcting nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). Within this category of lens types, single vision lenses are also used for the following:

Distance Wear Glasses: These are worn by people who cannot see objects clearly in the distance. These lenses are essentially ‘normal’ lenses worn by most people and are suitable for everyday life.


Reading Glasses: These are worn by people who cannot see objects close up. If you need optical correction for looking at material close-up, such as reading, typing and working at the desk, then you require reading glasses.

Progressive Lenses

Many people find it difficult to focus on objects far away as well as close-up after the age of 40, this is called presbyopia. Progressive lenses that are multifocal allow for more than two prescriptions for clear vision regardless of the distance of an object. This type of lens includes distance, intermediate and near zones that are seamlessly integrated. Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses offer no visible line which can cause an “image jump”.

Prescription Sunglasses

We provide prescription lens fitting options for a selection of our sunglasses models. Our in-house colour-matching specialists ensure that the colour of your prescription lenses order is an exact match to the original sunglasses lens color and UV protection. Our optometrists also offer the option to provide a specialized lens color service where you can choose over 10 tints. A polarisation option are also available based on a selection of sunglasses models.

Digital Blue Block Lenses

If you find yourself gazing at the screen all day, your eye doctor may have mentioned this rule to you: every 20 minutes spent staring at a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds. Blue light glasses are single lens options help to alleviate computer vision syndrome (CVS), which typically includes eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue and neck or back pain resulting from working in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time.

Plano Lenses

Also known as “clear lenses”, are a great choice for those who want to wear glasses for fashion purposes but don’t require corrected vision. This means that they can be worn without prescription just like sunglasses. Plano lenses however, do include the same benefits as our normal prescription lenses, including 100% UV protection.

Why choose SmartBuyGlasses for prescription lenses?

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