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Serengeti Lens Technology

Founded in 1985, Serengeti has changed the face of the market for driving sunglasses and in the process, has become the pioneer in producing precision eyewear specifically designed for driving. Praised for their impact on the driver experience, Serengeti boasts being Aston Martin’s sole supplier of sunglasses! 

As one of the most advanced eyewear manufacturers, Serengeti combines three industry-defining technologies into their lenses including photochromic Technology,  Spectral Control® Technology and Polarization Technology to make ultra-superior lenses. As a result,  Serengeti sunglasses and Serengeti prescription sunglasses are always at the forefront of the industry for their unbeaten level of innovation and quality.

Photochromic Technology

The photochromic technology is molecularly infused into each Serengeti lens. These photochromic lenses are designed to automatically adapt to surrounding light.  When they are exposed to bright light on a sunny day, molecules in the lens react and become darker in order to offer protection from the sun’s radiation and to prevent your eyes from straining. As light levels decrease, the molecules return to their original state and become transparent once again. Photochromic lenses only react when exposed directly to UV light, meaning that at work or at home, they will remain clear. Therefore, photochromic lenses in every Serengeti lenses are developed to ensure optimal vision and UV ray protection in every situation.

Spectral Control® Technology

As the second technology that Serengeti infused into their lenses, Spectral Control® Technology acts as an equalizer filter which controls wavelengths, eliminates shortwave blue light and increases red, green and yellow for better saturation. As a result, the Serengeti lenses increase detail and colour and make images crisp and clear so that landscapes appear more vibrant and vivid.  

Polarization Technology

Last but not least, polarization technology is the third technology used by Serengeti.  Serengeti Sunglasses Polarized are referred to as anti-glare sunglasses as they help to eliminate glare that is reflected on many surfaces. These special lenses make it easy to see in sunny conditions and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. With the technology in every pair of Serengeti sunglasses, glare reflected from roads, water, or snow will no longer be a problem. Wearers can fully enjoy their day wherever they may be, free from glare with the ability to see with uncompromised clarity. 


  • Polar PhD™ 2.0 NXT® sun lens: Each lens is engineered to endure impacts and temperature changes. Instead of using polycarbonate with which the photochromic elements can easily wear off, NXT® Sun lenses are made from Trivex material, making them lightweight and increases their longevity and durability. In addition, thanks to the NXT technology, optic quality and visual clarity are enhanced in the NXT® Sun Lens. Moreover, equipped with anti-fog treatment, the NXT® Sun Lens can keep your vision clear even when there is a quick change in temperature.

  • Ultra-light Mineral lens: This lens is 20% thinner and lighter than the best visual optics in the optical industry. Each Serengeti Mineral Lens is fused with the Spectral Control® technology that determines lens hue according to different temperatures.

8 Lenses Hues and Technology

  • Drivers: This is the original and symbolic lens of Serengeti Drivers sunglasses. The lens provides an amber colour, giving the sensation of warmth and increases reds, greens and yellows to make them pop. The Serengeti Drivers lens is an ideal option for everyday use and in particular, it is great to wear when driving as it amplifies contrast, enhances colours and image definition.

Ideal for: Driving and Everyday use

  • Drivers Gold: Similar to the Drivers lens, Drivers Gold is coated with a gold-flash mirror. This mirror gives you additional protection while making you look stylish. 

Ideal for: very bright light conditions, driving and everyday use.

  • Drivers Gradient: As the third ideal lens for driving, Drivers Gradient was invented not only for drivers but also for pilots. The shade of the lens recedes from top to bottom so the top of the lens is darkest and the bottom is lightest. Driver Gradient helps pilots and drivers to capture detail from far distances.

Ideal for: Overcast to medium light conditions, Driving and Everyday use

  • 555NM: The eyes see best at a 555 nanometers wavelength where the greatest number of cones of the eye are stimulated. The lens increases eye comfort in low light conditions by increasing the amount of yellows and greens it allows to pass through. 

Ideal for: very bright light conditions, driving, everyday use, boating activities (polarized)

  • 555NM Blue: Similar to the 555NM but with a blue-flash mirror coating, the Serengeti lens allows better protection, greater contrast and reduces glare.

Ideal for: overcast to medium light conditions, everyday use.

  • Sedona: The Sedona lens is a rose-coloured lens with a silver mirror reflective coating. The Serengeti Sedona polarized sunglasses lens enhances image definition and reduces glare.

Ideal for: very bright light conditions, boating and mountain activities

  • Sedona Bi-Mirror: A beautiful variation of the Sedona, the Sedona bi mirror is coated with a silver bi-mirror which amplifies protection on the top and bottom while increasing clarity in the middle.

Ideal for: very bright conditions, boating and mountain activities

  • CPG (Cool Photo Gray): The lens provides fantastic glare protection in all weather conditions and does not use any artificial colour improvement.

Ideal for: Overcast to medium light conditions, Everyday use.


Shop Serengeti sunglasses today at SmartBuyGlasses, where there are several options to choose from in both our Serengeti women’s sunglasses and Serengeti men’s sunglasses collections. As well as having the option to shop from the latest collections, you can also find end of season styles at a reduced price in our Serengeti sunglasses sale selection. Plus you can buy Serengeti sunglasses online safe in the knowledge that we provide a 24-month warranty on every pair of sunglasses that covers both the frames and lenses. In addition to this, if you want to change your mind about your new purchase, you can easily do so with our 100-day return policy. 

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