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Costa sunglasses are tailored to water-based activities. Their lenses contain technologies designed to optimize the experience.
costa lens technology

Costa Del Mar, Spanish for “Coast of the Sea”, is an American brand which was founded in 1983 by Ray Ferguson. As the name implies, Costa sunglasses, Costa prescription sunglasses and the Costa Lens Technology are specifically designed for the increased enjoyment of water-based activities, sports and adventures such as fishing or boating.

Costa is world-renowned for its superior lens technologies which provide comfort and UV protection, allowing wearers to get the most out of their day on the water without being disturbed by reflective glare.

Mirror lenses

Costa mirror lenses are among the most scratch-resistant on the market as they are made with multilayered thin-film coating through a high-tech beam ion deposition process.

Costa mirror lenses are available in different colours including Blue, Green, Sunrise Silver, Copper Silver and Gray Silver.

Costa lens colours

The Costa collection offers a range of 7 lens colours and each one is best suited to different light conditions from low-light to extremely bright light conditions.

costa lens technology
costa lens technology

With Costa C-Wall technology, liquid droplets are repelled much more effectively than on standard lenses, making C-Wall lenses very well suited to watersports.

  • Blue Mirror

Blue Mirror is most suitable for extremely bright light conditions when the glare is blinding such as in open water and offshore. Blue mirror lenses have a Gray Base and just 10% light transmission which helps to reduce glare from the water when you are boating or fishing in deep water, especially when the sun is very bright. 

  • Green Mirror

When fishing inshore or on flats waters, Costa Green Mirror lenses are an ideal choice as they improve vision and contrast with their Copper Base and 10% light transmission.

  • Gray Silver Mirror

Those who need lenses for everyday activities on both water and land, the Gray Silver Mirror lenses with Gray Base and 10% light transmission are ideal. The Cost Gray silver mirror can reduce water glare and provide complete comfort.

  • Copper Silver Mirror

This lens colour is well-suited for sight fishing, everyday activities, cloudy days and all other environments or situations with varying light.  Costa Copper Silver Mirror has neutral contrast, copper base and 12% light transmission.

  • Gray 

The colour is a perfect choice for everyday activities on both water and land with 12% light transmission.

  • Copper

Copper is made for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities. Copper lenses increase the warm tone and contrast to make things pop. It helps to reduce glare, to increase comfort and to reduce strain on the eye.

  • Sunrise Silver Mirror

This lens colour is a perfect choice for low-light conditions such as sunrise and sunset. Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror heightens contrast and increases performance with 25% light transmission. However, these lenses are not suitable for driving.

Costa polarised 580® lenses

For any activities on the water and outdoors, eliminating reflective glare is key to reduce eye strain and ensure eye comfort. As a result, Costa sunglasses are 100% polarised.

By applying the signature Costa lens technology, Costa polarised sunglasses goes beyond polarisation with its collection of 580® Lenses which:

  • Block harmful blue light (HEV): 580® Lenses used in Costa polarised sunglasses allow greater clarity while protecting the eyes from UV light and HEV light. These lights are known to cause eye problems such as macular degeneration, pterygium, cataracts, etc.
  • Kill yellow light:  Costa 580® Lenses help wearers to enjoy more vivid colours, sharper contrast and higher definition as they filter out all harsh yellow light.
  • Increase reds, greens and blues: For enhanced colour and sharper contrast, reds, greens and blues are increased by blocking yellow light. It makes Costa 580® Lenses the perfect option for conditions where wearers need more vision accuracy.

Costa offers two types of 580® lenses:

  • 580G lenses: Costa 580G sunglasses provide unsurpassed clarity as they are made with a glass layer and encapsulated with a mirrored-layer.
  • 580P lenses: these are made of Polycarbonate and Trivex which make the Costa Sunglasses 580P durable and lightweight.

Both of the lenses are scratch-resistant thanks to the Costa lens technology (C-Wall coating technology.)

C-Wall coating technology

With C-Wall coating technology, durable components are fused into the Costa lenses during their production and create a molecular bond.

Therefore, instead of applying a separate layer, the durable components are chemically bound into the lenses creating one single layer.  This process means that the surface of the lens is completely covered so that contaminants cannot make their way through any part of the lens.

  • Contact angle

Costa lenses offer a contact angle of 116 degrees, far greater than the industry standard of 105-112 degrees.  This high contact angle makes any water droplets that fall on the surface of the lens much rounder, making it easier for them to roll off the lens instead of flattening and spreading out which could obscure your vision.

As a result, Costa lenses are excellent at repelling water, sweat and other liquids as they can be easily wiped off from the surface of the lens. Furthermore, C-Wall also creates a smudge-free barrier for easier cleaning, preventing oil, dirt and other chemicals from sticking to the surface of the lens.

  • Bayer Abrasion test

Thanks to its C-Wall coating, Costa lenses have a superior scratch-resistance with a 7+ rating in the Bayer Abrasion test, greater than the industry average of 3-5. This ensures that all Costa lenses offer incredible durability.

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