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Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

which contact lenses are for you?

When you're ready to purchase new contact lenses online, there is a nearly endless variety that you're given the option to choose from. There is no way to definitively declare the best contact lenses because specific brands and types fit different lifestyles and personal preferences better. However, there is some general information that will make it easier to navigate the world of different types of contact lenses
Every type of lens is created to be worn for different lengths of time, the categories for which are daily disposablesweekly/bi-monthly disposablesmonthly disposables and extended (or continuous) wear lenses

Daily Disposable & Dailies Contacts

Daily contact lenses are great if your lifestyle keeps you on the go and you hate having to deal with the hassle of cleaning and storing your contacts every night. Because you throw them out at the end of each use, they are very low maintenance. You may also prefer daily disposable contact lenses if you only wear contacts occasionally- like for sports events or special occasions. 

Weekly, Bi-Monthly & Monthly Disposable Contacts

These types of contact lenses can be worn multiple times. Weekly lenses should be replaced every week, bi monthlies can only be worn for 2 weeks, and monthly lenses should be thrown away after a month of wear. 

While these are more durable than dailies, they should not be confused with extended wear contact lenses. Weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly lenses need to taken out before you sleep and should be properly sanitized and stored every night. 

This is a very common type of lens and you might like them if you wear contacts every single day. Though they require a bit more upkeep, they take up much less space than having to store contacts for every single new day and tend to be cheaper in the long run as they last longer than dailies. 

Extended Wear Contacts

Extended wear contacts are perfect for those patients who hate having to put in and take out contacts every day. These amazing lenses can even be worn to sleep, and will let you wake up hydrated, comfortable eyes and corrected vision. 

This type of lens is made from silicone hydrogel, which is a material that is hydrophilic, or loves water. This lets more oxygen reach your eyes, keeping them from being red, dry, or irritated. 

Though you can technically use extended wear contacts for days on end without removing them, we recommend taking them out at least once a week to disinfect and clean the lenses and give your eyes a respite. 

Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are perfect for wearers looking to switch up their normal look.  There's a huge variety of coloured contacts: Whether you want natural colours or bloodshot red, goat pupil, or another wacky type for a costume or special occasion, you can get your hands on them! Coloured contacts also come in all different wear-time lengths and both plano (non-prescription) and prescription types.


As you can see, there certainly are many factors to consider when buying lenses. Hopefully this guide helped you decide which contacts you should get and gave you more information, but if you still have some questions check out the video below!