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      How to Choose the Best Sports Glasses?

      Whether you are jogging, skiing, cycling, rock climbing or hiking, you need the best sports glasses. But how do you choose the right pair of sports glasses? First, you have to think about strength, durability and functionality. Sports glasses are specifically designed to withstand an impact. They have a certain stability that ensures that they will not fall. The frames are generally made from plastic which is more suitable than metal as the latter can chip and injure your eyes or face. Furthermore, plastic (polycarbonate) is also the preferred choice for lenses, since unlike glass, in the event of a strong impact, it will break into small fragments and keep your eyes safe.

      Don't Forget to Protect Yourself from UV Rays

      During sports like cycling, snowboarding and skiing, you are always outdoors exposed to the sun's rays. Therefore, when choosing sports sunglasses, it is important to consider their ability to protect your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. This is the case not just in summer when the effects of the sun are more evident but also in autumn and winter, when UV rays can irreversibly damage your eyes as a cloudy sky is not an obstacle for this type of radiation. For winter sports, the glasses must have a sufficient UV filter that also protects against radiation that is reflected in snowy areas. All our sports sunglasses have a UV 400 filter which does not allow rays with a wavelength of less than 400nm to pass through, guaranteeing 100% protection against all existing UV radiation. Don't miss our goggles glasses for sport. They are made for comfort and are specifically designed to enhance contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions.

      Where to Buy Sports Sunglasses

      SmartBuyGlasses Canada offers a wide collection of sports sunglasses for you to choose from. On our website, you can find anti-fog sports glasses that'll give you clear vision, even during the most extreme sports. If you have vision impairments, you can easily add prescription lenses and transform your glasses into prescription sport glasses. Browse through our website to find the best sports glasses for kids. At unbeatable prices, SmartBuyGlasses is Canada’s most trusted online sunglasses retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you are sure to find your perfect pair of sports sunglasses.