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Gucci Sunglasses

With one of the most iconic luxury brands of all time, you’ll be sure to find a pair of Gucci sunglasses to complete your look. If you like to push the boundaries of designer fashion with bold eyewear accessories, Gucci sunglasses are for you. 


No matter the occasion, be prepared to turn heads and add a sense of excitement to any dreary occasion with your new stand-out pair of sunglasses.


Gucci Sunglasses are some of the most luxurious designer frames available on the international market. Treat yourself to their wildest contemporary creations, or show off their classiest models, that will never go out of fashion.


Exquisite taste, bold designs, and classic elegance are a few of the traits that come to mind when the name Gucci is mentioned. Each of these characteristics is catered for in our collection of Gucci sunglasses. It is the most famous Italian brand, selling out across the globe. It is easily recognizable with its iconic double G logo, so wherever you are in the world, your eyewear will be envied by all!


The latest creative director at Gucci has nurtured the strong relationship between the internationally best-selling brand and its Italian roots. Under this guidance, the brand is proud to offer the most exquisite Italian eyewear. Join Gucci in the world of high fashion with your pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Gucci Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Have labels ever stopped you? Then why start now. Like many fashion goods, the eyewear industry has manufactured glasses and sunglasses for both men and women. Some designs are specifically aimed at each gender and rightfully so. 


Have you ever found yourself liking a perfume or a clothing item, but only to then find out it’s labelled for the opposite sex? With Gucci sunglasses, you’ll find luxurious and elegant styles for men and women, with designs that can also work for both. 


Imagine if fashion icons never broke the rules and dared to be different, we’d all be a replicate of Mr. Bean. Whether you are a lady or gentleman, Gucci offers a wide range of fine sunglasses you’ll love to browse through. If you’re worried about how they may look then try them on with the Virtual Try-On tool and venture into a fun ‘try-on’ from the comfort of your own home. 

No matter your fashion sense, you can find the perfect pair of Gucci sunglasses to highlight your personality.


Gucci sunglasses are made in any frame style you can think of. From striking oversized frames to re-modernized classic Gucci cat-eyed sunglasses. Thanks to this versatile collection of fine styles anyone can find the perfect match. 


You need to first determine your face shape by outlining your face in the mirror with a bar of soaps or lipstick. From the outline, you’ll have a clear idea of what your face shape is and have a look at our guide for further reference. 


Oversized Gucci sunglasses are a must-have! What better way than to make a bold statement that won’t go unheard. You can magnify your look with oversized frames that fit many face shapes. Square face shapes would pop with oversized frames that have more of a round or oval frame. This helps create contrast and balance between the two different shapes. There are many oversized round Gucci sunglasses in bold designs and colours unless you prefer a classic black frame with tinted lenses to accentuate an elegant but mysterious look.


If you have more of a round or oval face and still love the large and vibrant oversized frame, look for square or rectangle frames. Usually on round faces, oval or round glasses tend to make your facial features even rounder. With angular frames, you’ll break free from all the roundness.   


Particular face shapes, like heart faces, can also find classy Gucci sunglasses to complete the look. Heart facial features are complemented by frames that have fun floral or classic tortoise patterns that you can combine with a pilot frame. Have fun experimenting with pilot Gucci sunglasses that vary in designs and colours, you can go for a classic pilot tear-drop frame or a re-modernized pilot frame that just shouts out: Look at me!

With SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find high-quality frame materials that compose and design the bold and glamorous Gucci sunglasses of all styles. 


Gucci acetate sunglasses are fine and elegant pairs of great craftsmanship with a shiny look. Acetate derives from cellulose and is often used in place of silk or rayon. Acetate is human-made and can be mixed with other materials, hardened and moulded into different forms. Thanks to its properties, acetate has been a great material to use for diverse accessories including glasses. Acetate eyewear is popular because it's a good alternative to most plastic and is eco-friendly. 


Furthermore, acetate is hypoallergenic and lightweight, sturdy and fancy to give you that shine with a pair of Gucci sunglasses.


Gucci metal sunglasses are another great choice if you are looking to glam up with a gold thin frame. Metal frame sunglasses are a great fit if you are looking to use your elegant Gucci sunglasses over and over again. Metal is durable, lightweight and flexible and with particular metals such as titanium, your sunglasses will also resist corrosion. 


Pair up with bold Gucci sunglasses, let everyone know you are here to stay and maintain a captivating look anywhere, anytime.