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Looking for affordable eyeglasses online to match your style, personality, and face? Finding a trendy pair of glasses has never been easier and with SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find a variety of frame designs to suit you and any vision correction you need! 


There are blue light glasses for modern professionals or avid gamers or stylish clear frames glasses that everyone is just loving. It doesn’t end there though!


You can find prescription glasses for women, men, and children as you browse through quality brands online. Try your favourite glasses with our Virtual Try-On tool to get a feel of how you’d look! 


For any help reading your prescription, finding your pupillary distance or other eye health advice, visit our Optical Center.

Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all been tempted and have given in to this temptation: ever cleaned your glasses with your T-shirt? If you haven’t then you’re on the right track for longer-lasting eyeglasses and sunglasses


For those who have given in to this temptation, no worries! We have collated a few tips on how to clean your glasses for a better feel and look. 


The Dos: 


1. Always keep your hands clean before managing your glasses - yes, dirt and germs can pass easily from your hand to the surface of your glasses (that sit on your face) 

2. Once you’ve washed and dried your hands, pass your glasses under lukewarm water and rinse

3. Use specific spray solutions for glasses and gently rub the lenses and frames

4. Rinse the glasses and gently shake to get most of the water off 

5. Dry your eyeglasses with a lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth)


The Dont’s:


1. Don’t use hot water, as you can damage the lens coatings, or lotion-based chemicals to clean your glasses

2. Avoid using paper towels and your T-shirt

3. Don’t use your spit


By regularly cleaning your glasses you can help prevent them from carrying dirt/germs onto your face and help save some money - if your glasses last longer you may not need to rush into buying a new pair.

Before diving into buying a new pair of glasses make sure you have an updated prescription - it is recommended to have an eye test every 2 years. 


Reading your prescription may seem hard but it is easier than it looks!


Firstly, you’ll want to understand what you need your glasses for. Are they for:


• Correcting single vision, like myopia or hyperopia

• Simply to help with close-up objects, like reading glasses

• Needing to correct more than one vision and therefore need multifocal glasses, like progressive lenses


Depending on what vision correction you need, your prescription glasses will have the following factors: 


1. Your right and left eye will be indicated by OD or RE (right) and OS or LE (left)

2. The SPH (sphere) will show how much power value your glasses need: (+) is for hyperopia and (-) is for myopia

3. CYL (cylinder) indicates if there is a need for correcting astigmatism and it can be indicated by the (+), for farsightedness astigmatism, or (-), for nearsightedness astigmatism 

4. Axis will follow the cylinder power for astigmatism and is shown by a number between 1-180

5. ADD acts as a magnifying power which you can find at the bottom with multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia, usually indicated with (+)

6. If you need to correct any visual impairments caused by eye ailments, you may need prism correction. In your prescription, you’ll see p.d. or a triangle 


The last thing you will find on your prescription, and that is important for a correct visual alignment, is your PD (pupillary distance). You can easily calculate it here or ask your local optician. 

Glasses usually have 3 main measurements:


1. Bridge width 

2. Frame width 

3. Arm length 


These sizes are important to find a comfortable fit for your glasses, you wouldn’t want them to be too tight or too loose on your face. The frame width should not extend past your cheekbones, not be too close or too far from your temple. Frame width is also important for correct eye alignment for better vision. 


The bridge that goes over your nose should also fit comfortably - not too tight, not too loose. Certain frames have adjustable nose pads that you can adjust to help the glasses sit correctly on your face. 


The arms of the glasses should reach the back of your ears and only touch your head in front of your ears. You wouldn’t want the glasses sitting too close or too far from your face. 

To find your glasses measurements you can refer to our guide here or visit your local opticians when you’re due for new glasses.