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Gunnar is one of our most popular brands that offer a blue light filter. The brand takes credit for so many blue light blocking glasses, like these Intercept INT glasses with sturdy yet lightweight black frames. Crafted with proprietary IONIK lens tints, this amber lens tint filters out harsh artificial light from digital screens to help reduce eye strain and improve contrast. The glasses are also fitted with i-Fi lens coatings that have anti-reflective properties to reduce glare - ideal if you work in front of a computer screen or are in need of a pair of blue light filter gaming glasses! 

The whole range from Gunnar is specifically designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue from blue light. You’re bound to find a pair you like with more than 20 styles including round, square and rectangle.


Did you know the average adult spends over 12 hours a day in front of screens? Whether it’s working on your computer, scrolling through your phone or playing video games, we’re spending more time online than ever before, and you may want to consider investing in some of the best gaming glasses. The COVID-19 pandemic has likely increased your time online even more as companies move to ‘smart-working’ at home and communicating via Zoom and other video chats.


Digital devices all expose your eyes to blue light - which could lead to pretty negative side effects. The best way to counteract these? Gearing up with a quality pair of Gunnar blue light blocking glasses, designed to protect you from harmful digitally-emitted light.

Still wondering why you need a pair of blue light blocking glasses? When you don your brand-new pair of glasses at your screen, you could be helping to reduce eye strain, improve your sleep and eliminate unwanted glare. You can discover more information on how to prevent tired eyes in our Optical Center article here!

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Gaming, Watching TV or Working from Gunnar


The Gunnar Intercept glasses are a sturdy yet stylish solution to your computer glasses needs. They’re thick-rimmed and resilient - AND they protect your eyes. So if you are still wondering - “are gaming glasses good?”, “is blue light block worth it?”, or “do I need a blue light filter for working at home?” - the answer is a definitive yes.


Alternatively, the Gunnar Vayper blue light block glasses are a classic glasses silhouette with a winning level of functionality. What’s not to love?

Finally, the Gunnar Infinite glasses, designed by Publish, are a super-stylish blue light blocking option for anyone interested in protecting their eye health against long-term screen use, making them a great option for work or gaming glasses Canada.


Check out our selection of blue light glasses, we have something for everyone!