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SmartBuy Readers

We have reading glasses Canada, and the perfect pair for you! SmartBuy Readers is a brand that offers reading glasses that are high-quality, affordable, and above all else functional for your needs. If you are looking for reading glasses online SmartBuy Readers is your one-stop-shop. 


All of our frames are available in the prescription +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50, which you can select based on your needs. We offer a wide variety in our selection including: full-rim, semi-rim, and rimless frames. Find the right frames for your face shape and the color that suits you. Our reading glasses are made to be sleek and lightweight, perfect for taking on the go or extended wear when you need them most.


Blue Light Reading Glasses

You are going to be over the moon with how affordable our frames and lenses are, why not add a protective lens coating to them as well? Blue light reading glasses offer unmatched comfort, as the frames are great for long wear and the blue light blocking coating will ensure you don’t develop a headache or eye strain from reading from your screens. If you find that you spend a large amount of your day on screens, investing in blue-blocking lenses is an excellent option to improve your eye health. Blue light is harmful to the eye causing premature eye aging and damage. We suggest adding our zFORT® blue light blocking coating to your lenses at checkout to ensure your eyes are protected no matter where you are reading. 


Recommendations for Reading Glasses

Looking for the best reading glasses? We have put together a few of our top sellers and most recommended frames that are sure to do the trick. We want to find you cheap reading glasses that will last for you, below are high-quality frames you might like. 


SmartBuy Readers M0403 005 - Need reading glasses that set you out from the crowd? These are a great option if you want a more fashionable pair. These feature a rounded shape and vibrant green coloration. These are sure to be a fun addition to any spunky outfit when you need to whip them out to read a menu or check your phone. Not a fan of green? These frames come in a variety of colors sure to please, get them in Red, Havana, Black, or Dark Blue. 


SmartBuy Readers OR17 OR17B - If you are seeking a pair of frames that are more subtle, check these thin, rectangular glasses. These feature a rimless design with thin metal temples that innervate with the lens minimally. If you are looking for frames to just take out when you need them and not make a loud statement, these are perfect for you. They offer a refined and approachable look sure to impress in the office, out on the town, and of course at home.


SmartBuy Readers R38 R38D - Care for the thin full-rim look. These are the most classic of reading glasses. They are not showy in any way, they have a silver finish that will create a classic and understated look. Take these with you everywhere as they will get the job done. They are a great option for people with higher prescriptions as the full-rim frame can hold thicker and larger lenses. They are lightweight and ideal for wearing all day if needed, plus they pack away easily. Great for needing to read on the go!


SmartBuy Readers M0387 001 - Looking for a standout black frame? We love these frames for anyone who wants a classic, yet bold look. These square plastic frames are a smart fit for all occasions, they are lightweight and can be taken anywhere with ease. Just tuck them away in a purse or jacket pocket when you do not need them. We love these, because when you need to check your phone or read some text. You will have a refined pair of frames to help you read and look stylish. 


SmartBuy Readers R65 R65 - Thin and blue - these are a fun pair of readers, you of course can select the reading glasses prescription easily. These have a slight transparent finish, which is highly stylish and offers a modern twist on reading glasses. Take these anywhere with you as they are quite small and store easily. 


SmartBuyGlasses Initiative

As proud partners of the World Vision Mother and Child program in Zambia, SmartBuy Readers has committed a portion of sales of each pair of SmartBuy Readers purchased on The funds will go toward the Mother and Child program in Zambia, which aims to reach over 40,000 women and children under the age of five by 2022 to reduce morbidity, mortality, and stunted growth rates, so each child and mother can reach their full potential.


Shopping with SmartBuyGlasses

We are here to make shopping for eyewear online a good time and seamless. Once you find the right pair of frames, you can enjoy a 2-warranty and if you are not satisfied with your purchase (hopefully you are in love with your new frames!) you have 100-days to return them, hassle-free. Don’t forget all of our helpful shopping tools and guides to make shopping simplified! Check out our virtual try-on tool, plus read up on the latest optical news and information on our blog and optical center. Shopping for eyewear made fun!