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If you are looking for cheap prescription glasses online Canada, you have come to the right place. The SmartBuy Collection is an affordable brand with hundreds of frame types on offer. There are options for men and women, Asian fit, and a children’s range here. Prices start from as little as $32, but don’t worry about compromising on quality, these cheap glasses will last you for years to come. 


Choose Your Frames


The best place to start with SmartBuy glasses Canada is our ingenious virtual try on feature. It’s totally free to use, and all you have to do is take a little video on your smartphone or laptop. It will record your face turning from side to side. The technology will magically determine your face shape, and advise you which frames would suit you best. For example, cat eye frames look great on rounder face shapes, while round frames are perfect for balancing out more rigid facial features. It’s all about creating a sense of balance. An easy option however is the pilot frame, as this shape looks good on everyone! Other ways to have the best chance of finding glasses that are right for you are rimless or transparent frames. The latter is bang on trend right now, with clear frames available in see-through or various pastel hues. As for rimless, those are almost invisible from further away, so your face can do the talking, and not get hidden away by chunky frames! Luckily, the SmartBuy Collection has all these options on offer for really great prices. As soon as you spot one you like the look of, click the selfie view button to envisage them on your face and try glasses online just like you would in a mirror. You can try on hundreds of pairs and get the confidence you need to commit to purchase. You can even share your virtual glasses look with friends and family via social media to get the all-important second opinion! Now this really is the best place to buy glasses online!

If you are looking for extra good value in your next online glasses purchase, don’t forget about clip on frames. The SmartBuy Collection has a range of clip on glasses so that although you start with one prescription lens, you can add sunglasses tints on top. The set of four in the value collection offers lenses specifically designed to protect your eyes when driving, and other lenses that feature polarised and mirrored lenses. For a great price you can roll five pairs into one! Plus, they are available in plenty of trendy frame shapes and colours; we cannot recommend them enough.


As there are so many frames to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start. Even though you can filter by frame shape, colour and price, there are still so many options! But fear not, this is eyewear made easy, so here are some of our favourite models from the SmartBuy Collection.


Scout: this retro round shape comes in an Asian fit design so is perfect for those with wider faces and lower nose bridges. They are expertly crafted in high quality metals so they will sit comfortably on your nose for years to come.


Taegan: for an elegant look whether at the office or at home, these are the cheap glasses for you. At just $32 a pair, these silver frames are an absolute bargain, and go with every wardrobe.


Laurie: this vintage pair of oversized specs are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your everyday life. These fun frames are super cheap glasses online, and made from high quality plastic. 


Prescription Glasses Online


Buying glasses online doesn’t stop you customising glasses to your prescription. Although we can’t offer an eye test online, as soon as you have your prescription, you can go ahead and purchase prescription eyewear for a fraction of the cost you’d find on the high street. All you have to do is input the prescription figures at the checkout, and the lenses will be added to your chosen frames by our professional experts. For any help reading your prescription, finding your pupillary distance or other eye health advice, visit our Optical Center. The platform is chock-a-block full of user-friendly articles about eye care. Plus, our online opticians are happy to help at any stage of the buy glasses online process 24/7, just ask them a question here.


Lens Coatings


Once you have chosen your frames and uploaded your prescription, you have a few options for lens type. Our in-house optical experts recommend the Arise HD Prescription Lens as a great value for money option as the quality is nothing short of excellent. There is also advice at the checkout for choosing your lens width: bear in mind this varies from prescription to prescription. If you are looking for a splash of UV protection too, you can have a Transition lens added to your SmartBuy Collection frames. The photochromic lenses will transition seamlessly from clear to dark the moment you step outside, thereby offering optimum protection at all times, as well as acting as prescription sunglasses! These lenses are available in plenty of trendy colours too, so your cheap glasses frames will stay totally classy and fashionable.


The final step is choosing a lens coating. The SmartBuy Collection not only offers cheap glasses Canada, you get 1.5 lenses included, and can add blue light block and other coatings for a very affordable price. Blue light block is increasingly popular as all our work goes online. The glasses filter is called zFORT™ and can be added to any frame for computer glasses. Blue light glasses are great for those who don’t need a prescription, as they can choose a plano lens and still be protected from blue light wavelengths. 


Other lens coatings include scratch resistance to ensure your specs last as long as possible. In addition, you may opt for an anti-fog coating, especially if you are wearing a face mask a lot due to COVID-19.


Shop with SmartBuyGlasses


When you shop with us you don’t just get a great deal on cheap prescription glasses, you also get a 2 year warranty and 100 days to return. There are also multiple options to pay, the best one being AfterPay. This service allows you to enjoy your new glasses straight away, but save the payment for future you. The cost can be split into four chunks to make it more manageable. We are really excited to offer the SmartBuy Collection to the world, and want to get as many people involved as possible. As a result, if you love your new cheap glasses as much as we do, don’t hesitate to share your experience on social media with the #SBGClub - you might even be lucky enough to be featured on our page! Plus, if you want to hear about great offers on cheap eyewear online, be sure to sign up to our newsletter


SmartBuy Collection X World Vision

As if the SmartBuy Collection wasn’t good enough already, it also supports the global community through its partnership with World Vision. The glasses brand supports the Mother & Child program in Zambia to help families in need. This means that you can feel extra good about your purchase!

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