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Ray-Ban Glasses

Look your best with the best-selling designer eyeglasses in the world: Ray-Ban glasses.


The brand continues to innovate with revolutionary eyewear while staying true to its classic designs. Find the perfect pair of Ray-Ban glasses that suit your style and look amazing. You never really think of Ray-Ban as prescription eyeglasses but from today you will!


Browse through our huge collection of Ray-Ban glasses frames ranging from the iconic Ray-Ban Classics to the newest models in Ray-Ban’s more modern collection - like round Ray-Ban glasses!


Since the brand gained notoriety with the launch of its more distinctive style, the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, it’s been a non-stop journey that has brought Ray-Ban on the faces of men, women, and children. Nowadays, Ray-Ban glasses are considered a timeless piece of eyewear, ideal for any situation. 


Ever since the 1930s, Ray-Ban has maintained its image and recognition as one of the top eyewear brands in the world, characterized by high quality, performance, and comfort, with products for all needs and tastes. Their collection ranges from prescription eyewear to sunglasses; from kids’ specs to adult frames; from acetate to rubber and plastic. In Ray-Ban’s near-infinite range of products, you’ll surely be able to find your perfect match.


So, what are you waiting for? Wear a part of history and sport, wear your Ray-Ban eyeglasses with pride. In our collection of Ray-Ban frames, you will be able to find something you love with eyewear designed for a whole load of face shapes and sizes. Enjoy also using Ray-Ban glasses in the Virtual Try-On tool - try on 2, 10 or more Ray-Ban glasses to see what looks good!

Ray-Ban Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

The brand has proven, year after year, that the high-quality craftsmanship of Ray-Ban glasses has no limit. With quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Ray-Ban offers authentic prescription eyeglasses in all of their classic and modern frames. 


Luxottica manufactures, produces, and distributes Ray-Ban eyewear since the late 90s and is known for using quality and durable materials. 


Ray-Ban sunglasses have been recognized as stylish eyewear that can protect your eyes from the harshest rays of light. Ray-Ban glasses are no different, as you can add various protective lens coatings for a better visual experience and reduce eye damage. 


Ray-Ban glasses are worth the investment, even if you are on a tight budget because you’ll be investing in good quality and sturdy eyewear that is made to last. 

Essentially Ray-Ban glasses are fitted with lenses made from either glass or plastic. Each material presents characteristics that make them a suitable fit for various frames, eye needs, and your pockets. 


The most affordable and lightest type of lens material is plastic. Plastic lenses can also be divided into, for example, polycarbonate and high-index lenses. 


1. Polycarbonate lenses cost more than standard plastic lenses but are more durable, lightweight, and offer better visual clarity 2. High-index lenses cost more than the polycarbonate material, offer great visual clarity, are lighter, and thinner


Glass lenses provide the best visual precision compared to many types of plastic lenses. However, glass lenses tend to be a little heavier and thicker - definitely not a great match for sports glasses


Overall, Ray-Ban glasses are fitted with prescription lenses made from high-quality glass or plastic to ensure your eyes have maximum eye protection. Ray-Ban lenses, whether glass or plastic, can also have various lens coatings to add when you purchase prescription eyeglasses. 


You may be looking to help protect your eyes from glare, emitted by digital devices, with a pair of Ray-Ban glasses boosted with zFORT® Blue light blocking. A great fit if you are looking for protective eyewear to wear in and out of the office while rocking a stylish pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses.

Ray-Ban eyewear can be fitted with prescription lenses that help correct different visual impairments. 


Make sure to have your most recent prescription at hand when filling up your online cart with all your favourite prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. You’ll find Ray-Ban glasses in their timeless aviator frames or their chic Clubmaster glasses to which you can add prescription lenses that correct:


1. Single Vision - this includes correcting myopia or hyperopia 2. Multiple visions - progressive lenses are a great fit if you need to correct more than 1 vision 3. Astigmatism - even with astigmatism you can vamp your style with Ray-Ban glasses

In-store or online. Ray-Ban glasses are sold globally either through their website, in many shopping centres or through an external and certified online retailer. 


If you purchase Ray-Bans from other non-accredited stores or retailers, you’ll risk spending all your money on fakes. Always check to see the label matches the description of the product, that the packaging is embedded with the official logo, and that the glasses also have the correct specifications (on the inside of the temples). 

Find the right Ray-Ban prescription glasses to help correct single vision, reading, and multifocal visions, like progressive glasses - because SmartBuyGlasses has them all!