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Julbo Glasses

Enjoy 20-20 vision with a pair of Julbo glasses! Engineered with the latest technology, Julbo glasses are perfect for those with a taste for adventure. Sturdy and sporty, Julbo glasses are designed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind! Julbo works closely with athletes to ensure their glasses are tailored to the demands of endurance sports like cycling and trail running. If you lead an active life, Julbo glasses are for you!


Is Julbo a good brand? 

Julbo was founded in 1888. The fact that they’re still going strong after more than 130 years is a testament to the brand’s quality. Julbo glasses draw their inspiration from the great outdoors, meaning they’re built to withstand the elements and perform in challenging conditions.


It’s no secret that children aren’t always the best at taking care of their eyewear, so the hard-wearing qualities that Julbo offer are a big plus. With Julbo glasses, kids can play freely - and parents can rest easy - knowing that their frames are as solid as they come. 


Is Julbo a French company? 

Yes, Julbo is a French company. It was founded in 1888, originally specialising in protective eyewear for stone workers, before starting to produce sunglasses, glacier glasses, prescription glasses and ski goggles. Since the 1950s, Julbo has brought its outdoors expertise to other sectors, manufacturing cycling and ski helmets as well as eyewear.


Julbo glasses are the result of years of experience in providing an optimal experience, both in terms of vision and protection. Throughout their history, Julbo glasses have been made to the specifications of those who wear them, always evolving with advancements in technology. 

Where to buy Julbo glasses?


For the best Julbo glasses and an awesome shopping experience, shop at SmartBuyGlasses Canada. We offer free single-vision basic 1.5 index lenses on all prescription eyeglasses, and you can pick and choose your lens upgrades and extra features!  

We also offer free shipping, which means more savings for you! And our 100-day return policy gives you plenty of time to get a refund or replacement if you’re not happy with your choice. So what are you waiting for? Find the best Julbo glasses for you today!