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Balenciaga Eyeglasses



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Balenciaga Eyeglasses

Balenciaga Glasses Frames 

Recognized worldwide, Balenciaga glasses frames boast eccentric designs for those who dare to be different. The Balenciaga eyewear collection is crafted from high quality materials, making the glasses frames strong and long-lasting. Pick your favourites from our line of Balenciaga glasses. Pair your stylish and elegant Balenciaga eyewear with any outfit and prepare to turn heads wherever you go. The frames come in an incredibly broad range of styles and colors.

The Story Behind Such Iconic Glasses Frames

Cristóbal Balenciaga grew up in a small fishing village called Getaria in northern Spain. From a very young age, he learnt everything he could from his mother, who worked as a seamstress. Among his mother’s clients were the most glamorous women in the village, a privilege she would later share with her talented son. 

By the age of 12 Balenciaga began an apprenticeship in a tailor’s, and launched his first fashion house a decade later. The first was in San Sebastian, but he established fashion houses in both Barcelona and Madrid before finally moving to Paris. Not only did his early training set him apart from his rival couturiers, so did his design technique. Whereas most designers at the time would begin with a sketch, Balenciaga let the fabric lead the way. Throughout his career, he proved that he could exploit materials to the best effect possible. Even after Balenciaga’s death, his techniques remained greatly influential. The creative directors that relaunched the label in 1986 have sustained the use of new materials and bold architectural shapes. This stand-out strategy stretches from the brand’s fashion designs to its latest glasses frames. 

Back in the day, the House of Balenciaga catered largely to the demands of the Spanish royalty and aristocracy. The designer dressed some of the most glamorous women of the 1950s and 60s. It is believed that Balenciaga enjoyed dressing women who had a strong sense of style.

Today, the House of Balenciaga is owned by the French multinational luxury group: Kering. Nevertheless, the brand continues to cater to an exclusive audience with exquisite taste. The Balenciaga merchandise includes designer wear as well as leather goods, shoes, handbags, fragrances, jewellery, scarves, and other fashion accessories. Balenciaga represents a truly unique blend of vintage and contemporary.

The Balenciaga Style

From what we know of the original couturier, if you have a strong sense of style, Balenciaga would love you to wear his brand. The Balenciaga eyewear collection has both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Both are popular for their vintage-inspired designs with contemporary styling which are bound to appeal to the most sophisticated of fashion senses. Balenciaga eyewear is a must-have fashion accessory for every man and woman. Set your own trend today with a striking pair of Balenciaga glasses frames. After all, a unique look was at the core of Balenciaga’s work. He rejected the ready-to-wear concept, refusing point blank to design something without knowing who would wear it. It is therefore appropriate that the eccentric eyewear designs produced today guarantee the wearer their own distinct style.

Balenciaga Glasses Frames

The Balenciaga eyewear collection features a multitude of styles, shapes and awesome color combinations. There are so many options, style gurus are left completely spoilt for choice. 

There are matt black acetate frames with tonal hues, frames embellished with wide arms, golden accents and cutouts. You can buy wire frame glasses, which are light and comfortable to wear. The outstanding designs will never cause irritation as they are hypoallergenic. What’s more, some of the metal frame glasses include the iconic Balenciaga symbol of two back-to-back Bs shaped between the wires. 

Also available on the SmartBuyGlasses website are Balenciaga clear glasses frames, some with the lens curving all the way round. The unusual design appears perfect for those who wish to truly take advantage of their peripheral vision. 

The list of Balenciaga eyewear accessories is infinite. There are gold frame glasses, big frame glasses, round frame glasses or half frame glasses. You name it, they’ve got it. The frames come in all shapes and sizes. This comes as no surprise, as the king of haute couture revolutionized the shape of womens’ silhouettes with his fashion designs. Christian Dior based most outfits around a tiny waist with prominent hips. By comparison, Balenciaga enhanced broad shoulders and introduced box shapes. Such concepts are reflected in many of the brand’s most popular eyewear frames today. Some of the current model names include cut square, rim rectangle, dynasty square frame glasses and mask round. 

To be bang on trend, you could wow the crowds with a pair of designer cat eye glasses frames. Balenciaga honestly features some of the best takes on this amazing trend. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also take centre-stage with Balenciaga’s hot octagonal enamel sunglasses. 

Balenciaga is renowned for its extraordinary yet extremely fashionable styles. With so much thinking outside the box, it is no surprise that most of their designs are incredibly modern. However, if it is a vintage glasses frame that you are looking for, be bold and try the oversized option. The oversized Balenciaga sunglasses also feature a geometric motif. What’s not to love?

You can be sure that Balenciaga glasses frames are worth investing in because of their high quality technology. Balenciaga optics ensure total comfort thanks to their optical hinges, nose pads, nose bridge and non-slip temple. Additionally, lenses from SmartBuyGlasses are available with free anti-scratch, anti-reflective and UV-protection coatings.

Unisex Glasses Frames

One of the latest global trends is unisex fashion. As an international trend-setter, Balenciaga would not be lacking in unisex eyewear options. So, in the unisex category, Balenciaga offers full-rim pilot glasses with a dark ruthenium frame and brown shaded lenses. Pilot glasses are actually rather fitting, considering the brand’s fashion history. It is said that the Air France flight attendants of 1968 were the most stylish cabin crew of all time. Their uniform was designed by the fashion legend shortly before his retirement. If only they had had today’s pilot glasses to match.

Glasses Frames for Women

For women, Balenciaga offers brown pearled glasses frames with brown shaded lenses. These are highly in demand, as are the designer cat eye glasses frames. Explore the widest collection of show-stopping frames at our SmartBuyGlasses CA online megastore, where you are always guaranteed genuine products.

Glasses Frames for Men

There is a wide range of spectacles and sunglasses for men. From smart rectangular frames to more eccentric styles for the more adventurous fashionista. Find your perfect pair of Balenciaga designer glasses frames on our website. We promise you the best prices too!

Cheap Glasses Frames from Balenciaga

For the bargain hunters among you, grab your dream pair of Balenciaga glasses at prices you thought you could only dream of. Head to the Deals page of the SmartBuyGlasses website and filter Balenciaga as the brand. Any glasses frames on sale will appear within seconds. But be warned, good deals will sell out fast, so sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest deals before anyone else. You can also be the first to find affordable glasses frames by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Buy Balenciaga Glasses Frames Online with SmartBuyGlasses

Shop your favourite Balenciaga glasses and sunglasses online. We offer a price match guarantee, a 24-month warranty and FREE shipping. Show off your personality with an elegant pair of Balenciaga glasses today.

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