Y2k Sunglasses: Let’s Relive History


We’re not talking about computers when we mention y2k. The only millennium bug you’ll need to worry about is the one stopping you from choosing your next y2k sunglasses! Jump in on the trend and complete your fab y2k looks with stylish sunglasses in any shape, design, or color

If you’re unsure where to begin, look at some of our favourite frames inspired by only the best y2k fashion!

Stylish With Gradient Lenses

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Relive your y2k outfits and remix them with your current style. So why not have the same effect with gradient lenses!

Gradient lenses were y2k sunglasses even celebrities would rock! The lenses give you the best of both worlds through protective and fashionable colors – from dark to light that you can style day and night. 

The Bolon BL7085 with gradient purple-pink lenses will keep you looking classy and stylish. Combined with the rose-gold semi-rimless metal frame, you’ll stand out. Pair them with a comfy white crop top and low waist jeans – casual yet chic. 

Juicy Couture Oversized Sunnies & Velour Tracksuits

Ops… we did it again! We’ve matched your next look with trendy sunglasses. Try this pair of oversized Juicy Couture JU sunglasses that perfectly fit your velour tracksuit.

Get the ultimate look that says I’m keeping it easy, but I’m also a VIP! The great thing about the color black? You can mix and match it with any velour outfit. 

Have a black velcro outfit? Then why not choose the Kate Spade Wenona in pink, blue, or transparent brown!

Sugar, Spice, & Powerpuff Sunnies

You won’t need a magic formula to look like your favourite Powerpuff Girl! What better way to express your y2k style than through iconic y2k cartoons?

Lead your friends into a new era of y2k fashion with this pair of bright pink Gucci GG0712S because that’s what Blossom would do. Or are you the joyful member who makes everyone laugh? Then this light blue cat-eye Alexander McQueen AM0347S sunglasses are just right! Made with fine and durable materials for even the hardest waves of laughter. 

The green McQ MQ0342S will give you a tough look like Buttercup to successfully get back at Mojo Jojo. An easy pair to rock formally or casually, so you are ready for any situation.

Rimless Look Throwback

You may be born in the y2k, but you’ll be looking as young as ever with a pair of rimless sunglasses

These Tiffany & Co. TF3077 give an easy-to-wear vibe perfect for any occasion. They don’t overpower your face and make you look great whenever, wherever. Don’t bury your features behind bulky frames; rock a minimalistic yet cool style.  

Square Sunglasses Complete the Look

Let’s combine a stylish gradient lens with popular square frames loved throughout y2k fashion. Grab a pair of chic, timeless square frames, such as the Ray-Ban RB1969, to complete the y2k look!

We’re thinking of a bucket hat, low-rise denim, colorful top, platform sandals, and stylish sunnies. You’re going to be a true heartbreaker. 

Bring In The Old And The New

Don’t break the bank to relive your favourite y2k look. With SmartBuyGlasses, find what you love through affordable or luxury brands to recreate any style you love

No matter the eyewear trend, we’ve got you covered for even the most unusual outfit idea you have. Share your iconic y2k sunglasses and outfits on Instagram by tagging @smartbuyglasses.


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