Top Gun Sunglasses That Are Not Classified


It’s time to take off with your bomber jackets, cool patches and white t-shirts because we’re here to inspire you with some Top Gun sunglasses ideas. 

We’ve dug up some classic sunglasses to celebrate a fashion staple that is a symbol for Hollywood and pilots. Ray-Ban aviators were initially designed to improve a pilot’s vision while flying, thanks to the frame design and protective lenses.

So, we’re excited to revisit an iconic frame style with Top Gun Maverick sunglasses, as well as introduce you to some styles that offer a twist on the classics!

At High-Speed With Classic Aviators

We had to include the classic Top Gun Ray-Ban sunglasses with the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal in a gold frame and green lenses.  It’s a classic!  

The thin frame is lightweight and fits comfortably on many face shapes, so get ready to fly high with a cool pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. 

But, if you’re looking for the same classic feel at a more affordable price, you’ll find what you love with our SmartBuy Collection pilot frames! 

This pair of SmartBuy Collection Haven and our range of pilot sunglasses come in quality materials and have UV-protected lenses, in various lens colors too!

Anyone can rock the Tom Cruise Top Gun sunglasses look!

Square Up To Your New Mission

Time to dust off that ‘80s leather jacket and rock a cool vibe with Kelly McGillis Top Gun sunglasses that feature square pilot frames. 

Why not try a pair of eco-chic pilot glasses from Arise Collective? You’ll look perfectly in character with the Arise Collective Neil in a gunmetal grey.

Find classic pilot glasses in diverse frame designs for an iconic yet fresh look. Even these Ray-Ban RB3530 Highstreet square aviators are as cool as the classic teardrop frame. Want to fly the extra mile? Why not combine the frames with mirrored lenses instead!

So, whether it’s trendy affordable, or designer brands, you’ll be able to get your hands on stylish frames and spread your wings. 

Doing It Better And Rounder

In addition to classic aviators and square pilots, we have a range of sleek round pilot sunglasses for men, women and kids to enjoy. 

If the double nose bridge of pilot frames works well for your wardrobe, then explore all the fun shapes they have to offer. Use our Virtual Try-On for this pair of Ray-Ban RB3647N aviators and tell us you don’t look sharp. 

Or, this pair of SmartBuy Collection Akiva which you can easily buy with your prescription. You won’t need perfect vision to rock our prescription sunglasses or fly high, as long as you’re not the pilot.  

Elite Eyewear

If you love the Top Gun sunglasses inspo but want to rock pilot frames day and night, prepare to take off with quality pilot glasses

That’s right! Pilot frames are also available as prescription glasses for every type of prescription you need. 

Go from one mission to another with blue light protection in these Tom Ford FT5627 and change the look with their colorful Havana frames. Blue light glasses are a great way to reduce glare!

Or, opt for clip-on sunglasses in a pilot frame to enjoy the best of both worlds. SmartBuy Collection Pongco offers you up to 4 different clip-on lenses to customize your look and make your arrivals and departures memorable. 

We’ll Be Your Wingman or Woman

We know Top Gun is a timeless movie, not just because of the performance, the time, the shirtless scenes… but also the Top Gun aviator sunglasses

The particular frame design is a staple accessory of the movie thanks to the fashionable eyewear and its importance as the number one protective sunglasses for pilots. 

However, nowadays, everyone can enjoy the simple yet cool look of wearing Ray-Ban aviators and pilot frames, so let SmartBuyGlasses be your wingman and get you fixed with a Top Gun look. 

We want to see how you’ll channel your inner Tom Cruise with Top Gun sunglasses, so don’t forget to show us on Instagram by tagging @smartbuyglasses!



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