Happy Pride Month: Paint Your Life With Color


What better way to celebrate diversity and awareness of cultures all around the world than with an explosion of personalities and colorful eyewear! If you’re looking to show off who you are,  you’ll love some of our top sunglasses and prescription glasses. Get ready to express your charisma while celebrating a Happy Pride Month!

If you’re planning to celebrate Pride month this June (or any time), you’ve got to look the part. We’ve hand-picked some fun and stunning pairs of eyewear from our extensive collection, that were made just to help you stand out! 

Let’s have some fun, show off our favourite happy pride month aesthetic, and get ready to march into summer with chic, colorful eyewear!

Frames So Pink, You’ll Blush

Let’s kick off with these punchy  Retrosuperfuture ROMA STRAPAZZO shades. With hot pink full-rim square frames, you’ll stand out wherever you go! Style isn’t everything with these, though. They also have mirrored lenses in sleek colors for improved protection from the sun. 

Ready to look super cute? 

Red Hot

Is it hot in here, or is it just you? The red stripe on the Pride flag represents life – and what better way to live your best life than in these sleek Polaroid PLD 6041/S?? These Polaroid specs have silky red full-rim metal frames designed to accentuate many face shapes. We love them, and you will too!

Big & Bold With Orange 

How about these striking sunnies from Marc Jacobs? The orange butterfly frames create a stunning and unique look. The orange stripe on the Pride flag represents healing, and basking your field of view in a warm orange glow is pretty therapeutic. 

Say Yes to Yellow

And if you want to spread joy, we’ve got some bold yellow frames to wear with a smile. The SmartBuy Collection Yonas is perfect to add spunk to your look, so you’ll be ready to hit the parades straight after work!

Perfect in Purple

Elevate your soul with a classic  Tom Ford FT0900 pilot frame and lavish yourself in purple. They are a perfect unisex pair for anyone looking to go bold and be the most authentic you. Throw them on, and get ready to beam with confidence! 

Love is Love

And there we have it – our favourite sunnies for anyone looking to celebrate Pride Month 2022 in style. Fret not, because if you’re looking to complete your rainbow look with more colors, we have an endless selection of green, yellow, blue, and any other color your heart desires at  SmartBuyGlasses!

Find what you love with us and mix and match your favourite frames with a bit of jazz and bedazzle through quality and stylish prescription sunglasses and glasses. 

We can’t wait to see your picks. Tag us at @smartbuyglasses and share your looks for a fun, Happy Pride Month!


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