6 Best Asian Fit Glasses For A Perfect Fit

How Should Asian Glasses Fit

Whether you’re Asian or not, if your prescription glasses just don’t fit right, this article might be the eye-opener you need! Let’s find out whether or not low bridge glasses are right for you through our best Asian fit glasses guide.

Do you have facial features that don’t allow for a comfortable fit with standard glasses? Such as:

  • High cheekbones 
  • A broad face 
  • A low nose bridge

Or, maybe you wonder why your regular glasses:

  • slide down your nose
  • regularly hit your cheeks
  • move up and down when you smile or laugh

It means that standard eyeglasses and sunglasses aren’t the most suitable fit for you.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to miss out on all the latest designs or trendiest frames thanks to low bridge Asian fit glasses.

It’s just a matter of genetics, and many brands offer stylish and quality Asian fit eyeglasses for men, women, and kids. Let’s have a look at the six best Asian fit glasses.

Don’t Feel Low With Versace

Who doesn’t love matching a clear frame to any formal or casual outfit? Get the effortless look with Asian fit designer glasses like this Versace VE3242A Asian Fit

You’ll love to style the Versace cat-eye glasses with a formal dress or suit, making your facial features pop and look younger. The acetate frame is lightweight and sturdy, so they’re a great pair of glasses to rock even after that nerve-wracking meeting. 

Our Lens Scanner will help you remember your current prescription to add to this trendy pair of clear Versace Asian fit glasses to your cart! 

Round We Go With SmartBuy Asian Fit Specs

Asian fit prescription glasses come in all shapes and prices. Our SmartBuy Collection offers everyday eyewear for less through trendy frames that the whole family can enjoy. 

This SmartBuy Collection Morgan Asian Fit pair is perfect if you want a subtle yet elegant look with thin metal frames. Square face shapes will love to complete their look with affordable, stylish glasses that don’t slip down their nose.

Do you need single vision or progressive lenses? Not a problem! Our range of SmartBuy Collection Asian fit frames accommodates your every eye need.

Clipping On My Armani’s

Emporio Armani has a collection of clip-on glasses to ensure your eyes are always well protected when the sun suddenly arrives.

If you want a 3-in-1 option, then Emporio Armani EA4115F Asian Fit With Clip-On is staring right back at you! The smaller Asian fit glasses will allow for a comfortable fit when standard glasses don’t sit just right. 

So, why not virtually try on this square-frame pair or round Asian fit glasses? See them on yourself to find your favourite style and get glasses you know will fit and look great!

Kick Back With Celine

Get comfortable with Celine! Kick-off your shoes and enjoy a good read with your new Celine Clara Asian Fit KMO

Add your reading glasses prescription and look trendy with quality eyewear. If bold is the look you’re going for, then this pair has a full rim of boldness you can show off. 

The full-rim frame is sturdy and allows you to add even higher prescriptions if needed. You’re bound to find what you love at SmartBuyGlasses, even in our best Asian fit glasses collections. 

Oakley & Adventurous Spirits 

If Oakley isn’t one of the best brands for durable and sporty eyewear, we don’t know what is. 

You’ll be thrilled to find Oakley has a range of prescription glasses to suit any adventurous spirit. Their quality frames and lenses transcend into their collection of Oakley Asian fit glasses for men and women. 

Just like this pair of Oakley CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit, available in different colors with quality plastic frames and a curved shape to ensure maximum comfort. 

Only one way to find out how comfortable they are!

Make Your Kids Happy & Comfortable 

The SmartBuy Collection Isabella Asian Fit M383C has so many colors your kids won’t know which to pick – unless they go crazy for one color only. 

Our collection assures well-crafted and durable eyewear for daily use, even when your kids are a bit hyper. The metal frame is lightweight, and you can use the adjustable nose pads to ensure the best fit.

Asian Fit Glasses Stay Put

So if regular-sized glasses give you trouble, you may want to give Asian fit glasses a try! We have a range of diverse frame sizes to fit every style and personality. 

Explore luxury and affordable eyewear to change your look and find the perfect fit.

To find out more about Asian fit glasses, check out our Optical Center.


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