A Guide To Trendy Sunglasses For Face Shapes


When it comes to sunglasses, one size does not fit all. The key to finding a pair of shades that flatter your face shape is to choose a style that’s the opposite of your facial features. For example, look for sunglasses with angular or rectangular frames if you have a round face. 

But is it hard to know which sunnies will look great on you? Well, the easiest way is to try them on. If you don’t have time to drop by your opticians, then our Virtual Try-On will save you. So, have fun trying on hundreds of sunnies! 

Here’s a breakdown of the best sunglasses for different face shapes and some style tips to help you choose the perfect pair of shades. 

A Frame Shape for Everyone 

There are a variety of frame styles for prescription sunglasses, and each has its distinct look. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Aviators have a thin metal frame with teardrop-shaped lenses. Aviators are iconic and timeless and can be worn by both men, women, and kids.
  • Cat-eye sunnies are a classic and glamorous style that time and time again never disappoint. 
  • Wayfarers have a slightly thicker frame than aviators, and the lenses are square or rectangular. They’re a perfect frame for sports.

  • Oversized sunglasses are perfect for making a statement. They feature large lenses and thick frames, which both men and women can wear.
  • Round sunglasses have a retro feel, a perfect style to relive the ‘60s and the icons who wore them. 

So which one is your glasses slipper?

A Guide to Sunglasses: Face Shapes

The shape of your face can affect how your features look and how you feel about your appearance. There are different faces, but the most common are oval, round, square, heart, and diamond. We can’t choose our face, but we can choose our sunglasses for face shape for both men and women! 

So, if you’re not happy with your current look, it might be worth considering a new pair of trendy sunnies! 

Oval Faces

Oval faces are considered the ideal face because they are well-proportioned. If you have an oval face, your features are balanced, and you can pull off many sunglasses. So why not be chic with oversized cat-eye from Balenciaga.

Round Faces

Round faces have fuller cheeks and a softer jawline. Avoid styles that add too much volume to your cheeks with a round face, as this can make you look even rounder. Square or rectangle sunglasses are the best sunglasses shape for round faces that help slim down your face. Feeling adventurous? We’ve got excellent Arise Collective square frames waiting for you.

Square Faces

Square faces have a strong jawline and a wide forehead. If you have a square face, you might want to avoid angular styles, as this can make your face look even more square. Stick to softer, rounder styles and go for looks that help soften your features. You’ll love round and oval sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Heart-shaped faces wouldn’t suit too voluminous styles at the top, as this can make your face look even wider. Stick to trendy cat-eye or browline sunglasses to help balance your features.

You won’t believe it until you try it! No need to go to the opticians or store because, with our Virtual Try-On, you can try with a click!

Time to Face Life With Stylish Sunglasses

No matter the face shape, there is a pair of sunglasses for you, in any style and color. But are you unsure of where to start? We hope this guide helped point you in the right direction. 

Remember, our blog contains the latest style tips and eyewear guides, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair of shades for you. Now that you know which sunglasses styles are best for your face shape, it’s time to start shopping! 


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