Top 10 American Eyewear Brands


Let’s have a look at some of the top American eyewear brands out there.

Summer is here, and while we’re all looking forward to longer days and warmer nights, it’s going to be tough to go out and about without a proper pair of sunglasses. So, as far as top American eyewear brands are concerned, there are tons of options out there. Some of these brands focus on style above all else. However, others take on a more technical approach. Fans of America’s best eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban or Oakley know very well that quality comes at a price, but as long as compromise is not in your nature, you’ll definitely want to have a look at the following list.

West Coast Shades

The California based designer Arnette Eyewear has really cool sunglasses and surf glasses running through their veins. Can you hear the sound of the waves? The collection of Arnette sunglasses and Arnette eyeglasses are perfect for summer-sports lovers, and even feature a variety of Arnette polarized sunglasses for real sun-seekers. For example, have a look at the biggest collection of men’s Arnette sunglasses and women’s Arnette sunglasses. If you prefer affordable sunglasses like Arnette AN4007 or the Arnette Polarized sunglasses, we’ve got you covered.

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Fashion House Favorite

US designer brand Calvin Klein contributes exclusive clothing, fragrances, fashionable denim wear, designer underwear, and fashion accessories (including eyewear) to the designer world. Calvin Klien, also known as CK, is one of the top fashion brands in the world. It was created for the young, active, and fashion-forward new age men and women who constantly want to experiment with their looks. Therefore, Calvin Klein sunglasses are characterized by classic yet modern shapes. Blending contemporary minimalism with classic elegance, the Calvin Klein glasses collection is colorful and trendy with instantly appealing designer glasses.

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Top American Eyewear Brands for Sports Sunglasses

Oakley was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard in the Foothill Ranches of California. Oakley glasses specializes in ready-to-wear sports glasses and it provides both U.S. military and law enforcement with exclusive military sunglasses and branded eyewear for eye protection. They hold more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials, and performance gear.

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Dating back to 1967, Ralph Lauren has been redefining American fashion. Ralph Lauren glasses have an elegant and sophisticated nature. They boosting sales globally but they are still headquartered in New York City, New York, to this day.

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Top American Brands for Patriotic Eyewear

 Without a doubt, Randolph Engineering makes our list for one of the “most patriotic” top American eyewear brands. Randolph Engineering has been a longstanding American eyewear brand since 1972 and all of their eyewear is proudly Made in the USA. They sell sunglasses, shooting glasses, as well as prescription glass frames. Not to mention, they are the prime contractor for providing aviator sunglasses to the United States military. Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts.  

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Crowd Favorite Sunglasses

 In 1937, American company Bausch & Lomb founded the Ray-Ban glasses brand that we all know and love today. Ray-Ban rose to success by first providing the U.S. Army Air Corps with specialized anti-glare glasses such as aviators, and then the parent company confirmed the patent to sell their products commercially. Headquartered in Rochester, New York.

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Top American Brands for Quality Performace Eyewear

Three action sports and motorsports enthusiasts founded  SPY eyewear in 1997. They wanted to provide sportsmen with better performance athlete glasses. To this day, the brand works with a world-class roster of athletes such as snowboarder Shaun Palmer, surfer Sunny Garcia, BMX rider Jamie Bestwick and NASCAR driver Richard “The King”. The company is based out of Southern California.

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Comfort and Class

Made in America for the world, Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses are a go-to choice when it comes to comfort and classic style. For instance, Tommy Hilfiger is one brand that you can always rely on for fun, youthful and energetic designs. Additionally, with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses you are investing in more than just an accessory, you are investing in a richer and more colorful lifestyle. We recommend both the classic Tommy Hilfiger TH1418/S sunglasses and the popular Tommy Hilfiger TH 1198/S sunglasses. Add some more color to your life with your own pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses.

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High Fashion Shades

 In 2005, Tom Ford opened his first retail store on New York’s Madison Avenue which remains the headquarters to this day. Tom Ford eyewear is sold around the globe and has received international recognition for the brand’s luxury products and sensual designs.  

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Polarizing Technology

Founded in 1937 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Edwin Land this company is credited with creating some of the first (if not the first) polarized sunglasses. It is a brand that you can always rely on. For instance, Polaroid has been a leader in eyewear research and development for many years. To this day they continue to create some of the most advanced lenses in the business.  

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