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    Persol PO3086S

    Persol PO3086S Polarized

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    Persol PO3087S Polarized

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    Persol PO3092SM Polarized

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    Persol PO3099S

    Persol PO3099S Polarized

    Persol PO3101S

    Persol PO3101S Polarized

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    Persol PO3102S Polarized

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    Persol PO3103S Polarized

    Persol PO3104S

    Persol PO3104S Polarized

    Persol PO3105S

    Persol PO3105S Polarized

    Persol PO3108S

    Persol PO3108S Polarized

    Persol PO3110S

    Persol PO3110S Polarized

    Persol PO3111S

    Persol PO3112S

    Persol PO3112S Polarized

    Persol PO3113S

    Persol PO3113S Polarized

    Persol PO3114S

    Persol PO3114S Polarized

    Persol PO3124S

    Persol PO3125S

    Persol PO3125S Polarized

    Persol PO3132S Polarized

    Persol PO9649S

    Persol PO9649S Polarized

    Persol PO9714S Folding

    Persol PO9714S Folding Polarized

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    Persol Sunglasses


    Persol Sunglasses

    For decades, Persol sunglasses have long been famous for their exceptional quality and distinctive Italian designs. From Turin, Italy, Guiseppe Ratti started designing sunglasses geared towards professional pilots and racecar drivers in 1917. The brand’s namesake came from the Italian phrase, “per il sole” which translates into “for the sun” in English. With its innovative technology in sun protection, the label has developed into one of the most influential brands in eyewear.

    For durability and flexibility, the patented Meflecto technology system uses advanced spring hinges to create a flexible stem on every pair of sunglasses. The brand also utilizes exclusive hypoallergenic plastic derived from cotton to ensure the most comfortable fit. The label first became internationally recognized when the “King of Cool”, Steve McQueen, popularized its sunglasses in Academy Award winning film The Thomas Crowne Affair. The coveted Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses featured in the movie are the Persol 714 Sunglasses model. The hip oversized square frames with a unique keyhole-shaped bridge is available in five exuberant hues such as crystal yellow, black, and classic Havana. Sleek yet stunning, these Persol folding sunglasses exude the cool vibe of old Hollywood glamour.

    Fast forward to today’s world, Persol sunglasses are still in Vogue Eyewear with Hollywood movie stars and professional athletes alike. A-listers like Zac Efron, Chris Brown, George Clooney, Heidi Klum are just a few celebs on its endless list of famous fans. The collection of Persol sunglasses showcases an array of luxurious frame shapes matched with extravagant color tones. Many of the designs are a contemporary take on classic styles such as the unisex Persol 2720 Sunglasses. Worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond Casino Royale movie, these ultra-stylish sunglasses are fit for an international man of mystery. These rectangle-shaped acetate frames feature the brand’s elegant silver arrow trademark on the temples. Versatile for wardrobe pairing and timeless in style, these shades will remain a favorite in your eyewear collection for years to come. The ever-popular Persol 0649 Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for this season. Choose from twelve lush hues to find a pair that will match your style and personality. Bold and full of sex appeal, these square styles are a great choice for both men and women.

    For the hottest trends in eyewear this season, SmartBuyGlasses stocks the latest sunglasses collections at the lowest prices. Find designer sunglasses, glasses, and contact lenses online at SmartBuyGlasses. Our Virtual 3D Try on system lets you try on our vast selection of eyewear online at your own convenience. Every pair of sunglasses includes a certificate of authenticity to ensure that all our products are genuine. With our exclusive Free Shipping offer, browse through thousands of choices and get your favorite pair shipped to your home at no additional cost. If you have a change of heart, our Return Policy promises Money-Back Guarantee so you can shop risk-free. For further questions, contact our Help Center for addition questions or information. Shop at SmartBuyGlasses today.

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