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    Carrera AIRFLOW/S Polarized

    Carrera ANDES/S Polarized

    Carrera C-ALU3

    Carrera C-CITY

    Carrera C-TF01

    Carrera CA505/S Polarized

    Carrera CA506/S Polarized

    Carrera CA509/S

    Carrera CA510/S

    Carrera CA7001/S

    Carrera CA7003/S

    Carrera CA7023/S Polarized

    Carrera CA7024/S

    Carrera CA7024/S Polarized

    Carrera CA903/S Polarized

    Carrera CA927/S Polarized

    Carrera CA928/S Polarized

    Carrera CA9910/S

    Carrera CARRERA 1

    Carrera CARRERA 15

    Carrera CARRERA 19

    Carrera CARRERA 26

    Carrera CARRERA 27

    Carrera CARRERA 29

    Carrera CARRERA 32

    Carrera CARRERA 33

    Carrera CARRERA 4

    Carrera CARRERA 40

    Carrera CARRERA 4000/S

    Carrera CARRERA 4000/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 4001/S

    Carrera CARRERA 4002/S

    Carrera CARRERA 4002L/S

    Carrera CARRERA 4003/S

    Carrera CARRERA 4003/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 43

    Carrera CARRERA 44

    Carrera CARRERA 5000

    Carrera CARRERA 5001

    Carrera CARRERA 5002

    Carrera CARRERA 5002/SP

    Carrera CARRERA 5003

    Carrera CARRERA 5003/SP

    Carrera CARRERA 5004

    Carrera CARRERA 5005

    Carrera CARRERA 5006

    Carrera CARRERA 5007

    Carrera CARRERA 5008

    Carrera CARRERA 5009

    Carrera CARRERA 5010/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5011/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5012/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5013/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5014/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5015/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5018/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5019/S

    Carrera CARRERA 5020/S

    Carrera CARRERA 53

    Carrera CARRERA 54

    Carrera CARRERA 5530

    Carrera CARRERA 56

    Carrera CARRERA 57

    Carrera CARRERA 58

    Carrera CARRERA 58 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6000

    Carrera CARRERA 6000 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6000/L

    Carrera CARRERA 6000/L/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6000/MT

    Carrera CARRERA 6000/R

    Carrera CARRERA 6000/R Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6000L/N

    Carrera CARRERA 6001

    Carrera CARRERA 6002

    Carrera CARRERA 6003

    Carrera CARRERA 6004

    Carrera CARRERA 6005/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6005/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6006

    Carrera CARRERA 6006 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6006/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6006/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6007

    Carrera CARRERA 6007 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6008

    Carrera CARRERA 6009

    Carrera CARRERA 6010

    Carrera CARRERA 6011/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6011/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6012/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6012/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6013/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6014/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6015/S

    Carrera CARRERA 6016/S

    Carrera CARRERA 62

    Carrera CARRERA 64 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 65

    Carrera CARRERA 65 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 6630

    Carrera CARRERA 67

    Carrera CARRERA 67 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 68

    Carrera CARRERA 68 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 69

    Carrera CARRERA 80

    Carrera CARRERA 8000

    Carrera CARRERA 8000 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 8001

    Carrera CARRERA 8001 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 8002

    Carrera CARRERA 8002 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 8003 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 8004

    Carrera CARRERA 8004 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 81

    Carrera CARRERA 81 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 82

    Carrera CARRERA 82 Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA 83

    Carrera CARRERA 84/S

    Carrera CARRERA 85/S

    Carrera CARRERA 86

    Carrera CARRERA 87/S

    Carrera CARRERA 88/S

    Carrera CARRERA 89/S

    Carrera CARRERA 90/S

    Carrera CARRERA 91/S

    Carrera CARRERA 92/S

    Carrera CARRERA 93/S


    Carrera CARRERA X-cede 7002/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA X-cede 7004/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERA X-cede 7007/S Polarized

    Carrera CARRERINO 10 (KIDS)

    Carrera CARRERINO 11 (KIDS)

    Carrera CARRERINO 12

    Carrera CARRERINO 13

    Carrera CARRERINO 7

    Carrera CARRERINO 8

    Carrera CARRERINO 9

    Carrera CHAMPION

    Carrera CHAMPION Large

    Carrera CHAMPION/AC


    Carrera CHAMPION/HI

    Carrera CHAMPION/MT


    Carrera CHAMPION/RUBBER Polarized

    Carrera CONTROL/S Polarized

    Carrera COOL/S

    Carrera CRUISE/U/S Polarized

    Carrera EGG CHANGE

    Carrera EGG CHANGE/N

    Carrera ENDURANCE

    Carrera ENDURANCE/G

    Carrera ENDURANCE/L

    Carrera Endurance/T

    Carrera FOREVER MINE/G

    Carrera FUNKY

    Carrera GAME PLAN/S Polarized

    Carrera GIPSY

    Carrera GRAND PRIX 2

    Carrera HOT/P/S

    Carrera HOT/P/S Polarized

    Carrera HOT/S

    Carrera HURON/S Polarized

    Carrera JANIS

    Carrera Jocker/T

    Carrera MASTIFF/S

    Carrera OVERDRIVE/S Polarized

    Carrera PANAMERIKA 1

    Carrera POCKET FLAG 3

    Carrera POCKET FLAG 3 Polarized

    Carrera PUGNO/S

    Carrera PUGNO/S Polarized

    Carrera R&B X-LITE

    Carrera R&B XLITE SMALL

    Carrera RUSH

    Carrera SAFARI/R

    Carrera SAFARI/R/S

    Carrera SAFARI/R/S Polarized

    Carrera SPEEDWAY

    Carrera ST. BERNARD/S

    Carrera TOPCAR 1


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    Frame Material

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    Carrera Sunglasses


    Carrera Sunglasses

    Since 1956, the trendiest racecar drivers have been donning Carrera sunglasses as they zoom down the racetrack at lightning speeds. After seeing the legendary South American Carrera Panamericana auto race, the Austrian-born Wilhelm Anger Werker created the brand for extreme sports athletes hence the namesake. The advanced sunglasses are specifically made to meet the high demands in sun protection and performance for extreme sports such as motor-cross and skiing. A pioneer in innovation, the label developed a new classification of eyewear with their exclusive motorcycle goggles and masks for sports. In 1964, the company took sun protection to the next level when it invented the patented Optyl material, which is an ultra-lightweight and hypoallergenic plastic used to make sunglasses. Each pair of Carrera sunglasses is beautifully crafted using premium Optyl acetate, which ensures the most durable and comfortable wear.

    Designed to stay on during the most intense moments in sports, Carrera sunglasses have been a favorite of professional athletes in major competitions like the Winter Olympics and Formula 1. The label hit mainstream popularity when it designed the signature Carrera Porsche sunglasses to match the decadent and speedy sports car. In the world of racing, the brand became the epitome of form and functionality because its design team was lead by Ferdinand Alexander, a racecar driver that understood the design needs of the sport. Off the racetrack, Carrera sunglasses have graced the faces of many Hollywood superstars like Usher, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, and Alicia Keys. Undeniably sexy, Carrera sunglasses will give you an edgy and unique look.

    Kanye West and Carrera Sunglasses

    Whether he’s at the beach, in the studio, or on-stage, Kanye West is always seen wearing his Carrera CHAMPION Sunglasses, which has become his signature look. These hip oversized Carrera aviator-style sunglasses are fit for a hip-hop legend and is available in additional sizes like Carrera CHAMPION Small Sunglasses and Carrera CHAMPION Medium Sunglasses . The collection of Carrera sunglasses for men showcases the sleek Carrera PANAMERIKA Sunglasses aviator-styles which features exquisite full-rimmed teardrop lenses with gunmetal frames. Other popular best-sellers include the Carrera JOCKER Sunglasses or the Carrera SAFARI Sunglasses.

    Buy Carrera Sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses Canada

    If you’re wondering where to buy Carrera sunglasses online, you’ve come to the right place. With the entire collection of sunglasses on stock, SmartBuyGlasses is the best place to shop for Carrera sunglasses. We also have thousands of designer sunglasses, glasses, and contact lenses for discount prices. Our excellent Virtual Try-On system allows you to try on as many pairs as you want right in front of your computer. We also have Free Shipping, which means you can get your favorite pair delivered straight to your doorstep. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, feel free to return or exchange them with our Money-Back Guarantee policy. If you have any questions or need some expert advice on eyewear, our highly-trained customer service team at the Help Center will be happy to help you. At SmartBuyGlasses, we always put customer service as our priority.

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